Thursday, March 10, 2011

Start of the March Teaching Session


This week has been very busy and very rewarding for us!! We started our teaching session on Monday and they, so far, have been going well! We have 7 students registered for TOEIC, 11 students for Free Talking, 1 student for Job Interviews, and  4 students for Education. Free Talking is one of our newest lesson plans and it has quickly become out most popular.
We have been working very hard at trying to get our name out in the Canisius College and Buffalo communities. Tomorrow, we will be in next weeks edition of The Griffin, our school newspaper. They also made a youtube video of us teaching. The links will be up very soon! Huge thanks to Kate Songin for taking an interest in us!! We are also trying to speak with journalists from Art Voice to promote our business.
This Tuesday, we will be getting interviewed by the CW during our teaching session. The CW is a local news station who is doing a new segment called "Winging It! Buffalo Style."
The World Connections campaign has been going well and we have been taking requests for different combinations of colors that aren't a world flag. We are still having a table at Canisius to sell them and hopefully find students who are interested in a paid internship. We are also selling them in local store on Elmwood in Buffalo.
Our teachers are also hard at work researching the TOEIC exam so we can add some more sentences and topics. They are also making a list of possible homework questions or practices that we can give our students if they ask for them.
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We hope that everyone has a great week!!! :-)
-The MyLinkFace Management Team

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Last Day of our Teaching Session

Today marks the last day of our fourth teaching session!

On our first session and most recent teaching session, we taught college students. During our second and third sessions, it was more of business professionals, many of whom had worked at KT, a Korean company that is similar to AT&T. The students we are teaching attend Pukyong National University, which is near Seoul, South Korea.

Our students have been speaking English through a majority of their life. They take MyLinkFace teaching sessions to work on their pronunciation, understand American customs, and sound more like a "native" English speaker.

The students can pick which lessons to learn with the options of Business Communication, TOEIC, Free Talking, Job Interview, Education, English for Airline Staff, English for Hotel Management, and Grammar and Conversation.

Our most popular topics have been TOEIC and Free Talking. TOEIC is a standardized test that students have to take to prove that they are fluent in English. It is similar to the American SATs.

Some other things that we have planned are trips to South Korea, a marketing campaign called "World Connections," and we are improving our Website.

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